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About the Papa-Institut   (Daddy Institute)

Basic Information

What is the Papa-Institute (Daddy Institute)?

The Papa-Institut (Daddy Institute) of graduate political scientist Eberhard Schäfer in Berlin/ Germany offers services which aim at encouraging good fatherhood. These services especially include:

- development of projects

- advice for politics and organisations

- interdisciplinary communication and linking theory and experience

- publications and lectures


What is “good fatherhood“?

Today’s fathers want to accompany and educate their children actively, they want to dedicate their time to their children as well as give them devotion and tenderness.

This trend deserves support because:

- children of caring fathers are happier and develop better

- partners of active fathers can get involved better with their jobs

- fathers who can combine family and work well are happier, more motivated and more powerful

These scientifically established statements are the basis for the Daddy Institute. The Daddy Institute develops concepts and projects to support the potentials of good and dedicated fatherhood. Because these potentials are rarely used so far: there are hardly any fathers inside, where “family” or “parents” is written on!

This fact is to be changed by the Daddy Institute. It appeals to people who are to make decisions and key personalities in politics and in the system of education, in companies and administration and everywhere where social innovation is developed, reflected and talked about.

Together with you I develop ideas, concepts, projects and programmes for supporting good fatherhood which are suitable for your field of work, activity and interest.


Who stands behind the Papa Institut ?


Eberhard Schäfer, graduate political scientist in Berlin/ Germany (M.A. Political Science) is the runner of the Papa Institut / Daddy Institute.


  • born in 1962

  • father of a grown-up son

  • degree in Political Science (1991, Freie Universität Berlin)

  • activities in youth and adult education and as author and journalist

  • since 2002 head of the project “Family Education for Fathers", responsible body Mannege e.V., Berlin, www.mannege.de

  • several popular and specialist publications on topics concerning “Fathers”, among other things “The Daddy Handbook. Everything you need to know about pregnancy, birth and the first time in a threesome” (Original German title: “Das Papa-Handbuch, with Robert Richter) Gräfe und Unzer publishing house, München 2005 (3rd edition 2007) Italian edition “Il manuale del papà” Milan 2007

  • 2007 founding of the Papa Institut / Daddy Institute

  • both more about me and some of my articles in English you find on the homepage

  • www.european-fatherhood.com . This site is also an example for the international work I am involved in.


  • Please contact me by using the "Kontakt" button.




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